We are extremely responsible in our attitude to the raw materials used in production. We work only with reliable timber harvesters. All the sawn timber is made of Karelian spruce or pine. Thanks to the short distances from the cutting site to the plant and quick putting of timber into production we can speak about low share of quality losses during transportation and storage.

Our product is in demand on the market also because of the physical and mechanical properties of timber which are typical for all coniferous forests of the Republic of Karelia. A tree growing in the north grows very slowly adding no more than 1 mm per year in diameter. As result, the yearly rings become so thin that you cannot see them with the naked eye.

The trunk of a Karelian pine in the northern parts will be 30 cm in diameter no sooner than in 120-150 years. This pine in its hardness and toughness is inferior to only one tree– Caucasian fir. Besides, the pine has resin between its fibers. This natural antiseptic protects the tree very well from microbes and rotting. Pinewood is resistant to rotting and is very rarely infected by noxious insects or fungi. Things made of Karelian pine are distinct in the longest service life.

The northern pine and spruce, besides high density, have few knots and are easily processed. Karelian wood is a unique material used for flooring, frames, shutters, and furniture.