At the moment, the plant continues construction of three facilities: BaltBrend drying chambers, Agro Forst Boiler Plant and Dry sawn sorting shop.The purpose of the construction is to expand, modernize production, as well as create conditions for deeper wood processing.

BaltBrend drying chambers
The total number of drying chambers is planned to be put into operation at the first stage - 4 pieces. The capacity of each of 150 m3 of wood.
The drying process is fully automated, the specified parameters are controlled and maintained automatically. The operator uses the computer program on the monitor to observe the entire process that takes place inside each camera.
Drying chambers are provided with heat from the boiler, utilizing the bark.
Agro Forst Boiler Plant
The boiler house is one of the most important components of the technological chain of non-waste production of the enterprise. The capacity of the equipment installed in the first stage is 2.6 megawatts. Works on sawmill waste completely in automatic mode, provides technological heat to the drying complex, heating of production facilities and office.
Dry sawn sorting shop
After the drying process, a batch of dry lumber comes for sorting. Here there is a parsing of drying packages with the removal of inter-row and inter-package gaskets. Dry edging board is trimmed on the trimmer, sorted by grades, passes through meters of geometric dimensions and unfolds into pockets. Further, the sawn timber on the package forming machine is packed in a dense transport package, packed in a film, tied and transferred to the finished goods warehouse.