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The scientific and technical progress is not standing still; many new materials appear on the market, new chemical compounds are discovered. But nevertheless, wood has always been and will always be probably the most ecologically clean raw material for housing construction, finishing materials and furniture, paper and package production. People’s wish to be “closer to nature” will always be the key factor for the timber processing industry.

Determined to preserve the future for our children, we treat the environment very responsibly and thoroughly check the origins of the timber going for production.

We also pay special attention to the quality of the raw material.

IT-technology and modern equipment allow us to work purposefully and efficiently while dealing with production tasks. Thanks to the flexibility and constant modernization of our premises we can react quickly to the individual requirements of customers. We make goods that are in demand thanks to the fine quality of sawing and excellent properties of Karelian wood.


Thanks to plant's convenient location only 60km to Finland, advanced network of of roads, closeness to ports, we have wide geographical possibilities to meet our client's requirements.
Please feel free to contact us, perhaps we already carry the goods to your region. 
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