Our production line

At the acceptance and sorting section with area of 1,5 ha there is a sawn timber sorting line by "ROOSEN  AB"  2 Х 12 sorting pockets. The operating speed is 120 m/min, capacity up to 1000 cubic meters per shift, equipped by the sawn timber meter"ELMES" with a frame and mirror system, as well as a powerful metal detector "METALLDECT MD 900".

At the sawing section there is a Finnish debarking machine "CAMBIO 66" and equipment of the world famous Swedish company "ARI VISLANDA". The line capacity is up to 150 000 m3 of sawn timber per year, the operating speed is up to 150 m/min. It includes the following: centering supply device to the chipper canter made by "SYNERPLAN", chipper canter "LINCK" with cutter heads "HewSaw", disc sawing machine "ARI KS 604" with possible installation of up to 4 saws with filters for preparation of air-water mixture and 1200 mm sawing discs, chipper canter "ARI VISLANDA" R-600, shaping machine "SYNERPLAN", and multi-saw machine “ARI VISLANDA" 509.

The line is equipped with modern computer controls and surveillance cameras for better control of operation. Modern equipment operating in the unified technological line allows for production of pulp chips using the drum chipper " RR-700" and vibration sieve for chip sorting.
We ensure the specified quality indicators: precision, geometry and clean processing of raw materials as well as grading of product. The sizes and profiles of planed components may be different and depend on the customers’ wishes.

The stacking machine forms drying transporting stacks of sawn timber. After that they go to the finished product storage facility with the area of 1 hectare.

The company works according to the waste-free principle and in accordance with environmental norms.
Great attention is paid to the production culture and maintenance of modern working conditions.